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I'm a begginer jazz guitarist and wonder about the best Ted's book to begin my study. Chord Chemistry or Modern Chord Progressions? Thanks.


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Good question.  Chord Chemistry is, for all intents and purpouses, a reference book.  There isn't a lot of 'application' in it and I have heard of people getting frustrated trying to use it as a 'method' book.

Modern Chord Progressions is a reference book of sorts as well, but it is based around application to the world's most popular chord progressions (in jazz, anyway). 

I think ultimately you will enjoy both very much, but if you are a beginner, you will likely enjoy Modern Chord Progressions immediately because you will be playing very pretty sounds in a musical way, plus building a huge vocabulary of chords and chord melody lines.

Just my take.  All four of his books rarely leave my music stand.  Remember to check out the many pages that Barbara has offered to us in the main Ted Greene page.  They are great companions to the books, in my opinion.

Happy picking.


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I signed up for the forum just to get the answer to this question.
Thanks a lot!

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While Ted's books are my all time favorite guitar books, I wouldn't recommend them to a beginner. But you should get all of his books anyway

Just be aware that there's material for several lifetimes in these wonderful works.


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As a past shredder, I've often struggled with learn jazz soloing and chord melodies for years and often got nowhere by trying to learn the theory and exercises. I love Ted's stuff especially what's on this site, but a while ago I found DVDs by Robert Conti and I can't recommend them highly enough.

For chord melodies, Mr. Conti gives you finished pieces where the highest note of the chord is the melody. So why not get started learning how to play real songs from beginning to end? These are generally much easier to play than some of the brutal stretches required in Ted's pieces! Mr. Conti also gives you a Chord Melody Assembly line DVD where you learn one chord per melody note (C, D, E), for each chord quality (major7,minor7th, dom7, etc) so you can easily build your own chord melodies. By doing this he has simplified a great deal of overwhelming content that can frustrate you. Then you can take it much further by learning reharmonization in the 'The Formula!' DVD.

Will Kriski
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