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For anyone out there: Barry was one of the great player/ teachers who never really had the accolade he deserved. For those interested there is a free download of 42 arrangements he wrote out for his students (as Ted did for his).  They are worth a look at, and Ted's style can be applied.  Some are in two books by Mel Bay - all have been redone in script notation (no TABS good for sight reading).  Ted would certainly know of him and Barry would know of Ted - whether they ever met I don't know. Barry also was a J.S.Bach devotee. Anyway enjoy![smile]


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In the event that nobody here posts an answer to your question, of which I don't know the answer, please let us know if you nevertheless get a definitive answer to your question about classical or jazz first? 
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Jazzuki is correct!  There is a freebie Barry Galbraith download of jazz standards in chord melody style - most of the songs are in the 2 volume Mel Bay release with notation, TAB and CDs of the performance of the songs.  With the exception of a couple tunes, most of the tunes are in the Mel Bay books.  Matter of fact, there are a couple more tunes in the Mel Bay books, not found in the freebie.  A lot of the tunes are very approachable and work as a framework for other arrangements .... however, a few of the tunes went through some major reharmonization and will take some analysis on your part (probably intended as harmony study for Barry's students).  The Mel Bay books are relatively inexpensive considering all the songs and CDs you are getting.  I originally found the freebie download a few years ago, but then found the published version also corrected some errors I came across.  Barry's contribution to teaching Bach was a LP of play-a-long Two Part Inventions - both fast and slow speeds. I am not sure it is still available.  You might check Jamey Aebersold's website.
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