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The New lesson material and newsletter is now up.

Thanks to the team for their work this month.
Hope there is something of interest for you.
Be sure to check out the V-2 Major Pentatonic pages...great stuff.

I'm also happy to have a new version of Ted's "Girl with the Flaxen Hair"

You can listen to an this in our Video section (which has audio for the first half, then the video comes in on this clip). You can see Ted's famous "Guitar Neck wiggle" in action here.
I hope to post an improved audio version of this soon piece soon.

Also unrelated to the Newsletter:  It seems that the interest is waning somewhat for the "Ted Chord Move of the Day" series.  Should we let it rest for a while....say until after summer?


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Just wanted to let you all know that a new YouTube video (music + photo slideshow) of Ted playing "The Girl with the Flaxen Hair" went up today.

Dan Sindel created the video, and the audio was taken from the Ted DVD of Joey Backenstoe's wedding.  I cleaned up the audio quite a bit and it sounds pretty good.
Yes, yes....we do already have a video clip of Ted doing this song (both in our Video section and on YouTube), but it only includes video for the second half of the song, and the audio is a bit rough - a lot of noises and whatnot.

I think you'll like the new audio much better.
Our intention was to post this on July 23, to honor Ted on the 10th anniversary of his passing, but our humble webmaster had a computer meltdown, so it had to wait.

You'll also notice that we just posted a revised version of Ted's written arrangement of this Debussy piece.

It doesn't correspond to the video, but there are a lot of similar moves, and it gives you the general gist of how Ted played it.  Also note that Ted's guitar was tuned down a minor 3rd on the video (in Db), and he does some modulation and a lot of embellishing.

Okay, now...who wants to transcribe it?

Please give Dan a note of thanks for his work putting this puppy together.


Posts: 37
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Thanks Paul and all at for another great newsletter and set of new materials. As usual quite the handful, but its all most appreciated.

My quick (hopefully not too dumb) question is - does anyone have the BWV references for the Bach chorales uploaded this month?

thanks in advance

Posts: 244
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Hi Robert. 

Chorale #253 = BWV 77
Chorale #262 = BWV 2
Chorale #4 = BWV 86
Chorale #290 = BWV 9
Chorale #335 = BWV 155

All appear as the last part of one of Bach's Cantatas.

David Bishop
Tucson, AZ

Posts: 1,763
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Hi Robert,
Thanks.  Glad you like the material....enough to keep one busy all month...or all year!
I'd be interested to hear from others about the "suggested grids" I added for the Bach Chorales - are they helpful? Do you like them, or would you prefer that I leave this out and just provide blank grids for you to write in your own voicing/fingering?

Ted has more Bach chorales that I intend to write up in the next few months.
I'll see about making sure that the BWV numbers are included somewhere.


Posts: 176
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I benefit greatly from both your very helpful "suggested" chord grids and your suggested chord names.  Please keep 'em coming. Thanks. 


p.s.  I have a feeling that the majority of Ted Greene land inhabitants, as would've Ted, like your suggested chord grids AND names.  Those who prefer only standard notation, (who are likely in the minority around here; though nothing wrong with being in the minority -- Ted, Joe Pass, GVE were all in the minority as far as the level of advanced musical abilities they worked for an achieved), can always try their best to ignore the grids, while at the same time they might also derive great benefit in their studies/analyses from the chord names you have provided.
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