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I was wondering if anyone with some wiring experience can shed some light for me here.
Is it possible to take a four way selector and set it up (from right to left) bridge with tone engaged, bridge/neck in series, neck with tone engaged and finally the fender "dark circuit" with the second tone cap and no tone control?
And to a lesser extent, can this be done on a five way selector and add bridge/neck parallel in?

I'm working with a Baja Tele where I've only done the Fez Parka mod and I'm about to switch to a pickguard mounted neck pickup that will probably be switched to a Nocaster or something as accurate to original pickups as possible.

Finally, does anyone know what wiring set up Ted had going on in the butterscotch Tele from the 1993 MI seminar?
I'd like to stay single coil in this Tele and when I get around to getting the next, I'll begin working on my two humbucker.

Alright, now that I've bugged you guys with all these questions, thanks in advance for the insight!

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Hi David,

I'm brand new on the forum (although a long-time Ted Greene fan) so this is my first post. I've done lots of custom wiring on Teles and Strats, and the configuration you're asking about should be possible, if you use a 4-pole, 5-position switch like this one (the stock 3 or 5 position switch has only 2 poles, as does the 4-position switch).

If you're still interested and can do the wiring yourself, let me know and I'll see if I can draw up a diagram.

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