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Rest in Peace, Ted.
Today is 12 years since you left us.[frown]
Your website is going strong and reaching guitarists all over the world.
I think you would be pleased.
Wish you could have stuck around a little longer. 


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I hope you and Barbara are doing alright.   As you know, Paul and the rest of the crew, Stringbean Dan, Leon W, James the wonder of your V-System,  and even the new webmaster are tirelessly working away.   Dan Sindel gave his heart and soul.

You and the team here in TG land have proven once again -  "in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make." Just thought I'd toss that part of the Abbey Road Medley in at this point with it being the 50th anniversary of pass the salt and pepper, er uh, Sgt. Pepper.   Thus,  from my perspective, your arrangement and comping of Fixing a Hole is more timely now than ever.  You will love the alternate takes on the multi disk version of the new Sgt Pepper's release.

Do you have any more arrangements from those mop top lads, other than Here Comes the Sun and your page of the basic harmony to what seems like 20 or more Lennon and McCartney compositions.   If they indeed exist, then maybe maestro Paul V knows where they are around here?   Not only does Paul have a heart of gold, he has an encyclopedic knowledge of the following:  all things TG and Barbara. I can't count the number of times I've used the analogy that GVE used in your interview e.g. and paraphrasing,  That stuck out like a broom handle in a paper bag.

Something special for which I want to thank you, but my eternal gratitude is not limited thereto by any means, is your wondrous interview of GVE that you and Barbara left for us.   

speaking of GVE , here is what in my opinion (my $0.02) is a real fine foto of GVE and Lenny that I know you'll love.  In fact, I am sure you have this one.  

Rest in peace TG.... and you too Barbara.  We love you.  There will most certainly never be another TG nor Barbara Franklin. 

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