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Posts: 32
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I'm entering a parts-o-tele-building mood;-)

Did anyone build a Tele with two humbuckers like Ted's Franken-Tele?
I know I want bucker in the neck and am thinking about adding a middle PU...

Thanks for any hints, Mike

Posts: 443
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I've done so in the past.  The key to remember is that he is manipulating the single coils in each HB.  they were dimarzio 'dual sound' pups from the 70's I would guess. (ceramic mags - unbelievable to me).
If you're hollowing out the guitar, beware of taking too much wood out.  the body WILL flex and you may build the biggest stringbender in history.
Good luck with it.


Posts: 118
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I would love to build a 3 pickup, 2 Humbcker/1 Tele bridge pickup guitar.  I'm finishing 2 more Teles for sale right now (one blue one black) but after that I'd like to build myself another guitar.

Posts: 32
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Thanks Leon! I'll soon begin to order parts.

Posts: 1
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While I never took a lesson from Ted but have come to know him through his books, cd and this website I am glad to see such an interest in the mind and music of this great musician.

From what I have read on the website I have made two Ted inspired tele style guitars. I did not replicate his guitar. However I did draw my inspiration from the many posts on this website.

The first one I did has two humbucker and a flat pole single coil bridge pickup. I wired them to 5 way switch strat style and allowed for each humbucker to be coil split. along with this I installed a puch pull for the volume allowing for phase reversal. this guitar used rockfield vintage pickups and a cavity was routed making the guitar much lighter. given the body was heavy ash from the start a little trim did her good. I sunk the neck pickup considerably raised the pole pieces ala Ted based off of what I thought sounded good and gave her 10-48 flatwound. All I can press these days. All in all I am happy with the turn out.

However never satisfied and thinking of some things I thought would be attractive I set to work on my mean green machine. Which in all points is probably over the top. This is a four pickup monster with two jacks, coil splitting on the humbuckers and phase reversal. The two single coils are active and our wired to separate controls. this allows me to send the humbuckers to one amp and the singles to another. With each set wired to its own volume and tone I can now blend both left and right and have any combination I need. After doing this I became spoiled and now have to heat up two amps to get that room filling sound. Because I have a true left and right I find I need much less reverb. However as you can imagine their is a lot of wiring inside and as a result I had to do extensive shielding. You can only float a ground so far. In other words This guitar can find bad wiring in a flash. However if I need a super quiet sound then I can always work off the active side only After typing all of this I wanted to include a couple of photos but could not get it to work. However I will email them to anyone who wants them. My email is Thanks for listening  

Posts: 118
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My first Tele build was definitely Ted Inspired.

Faded yellow, neck stained to an antique maple, Fender Original Vintage pickups and a 4 way switch for more sounds.

My current build is more modern with a quilted maple top.

 . . .with a matching quilted maple headstock overlay

Once this guitar is done (along with 2 more which are about 75% done) I'm seriously considering making a 3 pickup 2 humbucker 1 single coil Ted inspired guitar with phase switches. 

I've been playing and learning so much from Ted's lesson sheets posted on the website that I'm feeling inspired to build a true Ted Tribute guitar.

Posts: 32
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Thanks grovecity and GregB for your input!
I still haven't started my build but will soon have all the parts together, I'll probably keep it simple, at least at the beginning;-)

Posts: 118
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Mike: Go to and check out the "Home Depot" section of the forums, specifically, the 2011 Build Challenge threads.  We're having a contest to build a Telecaster inspired guitar in 2 months.  There are a lot of build threads with tons of photos.  I've learned a lot about building guitars from those thread.

My thread is "GregB's 2011 Build Challenge Thread"

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