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Hi Everyone, I'm a big fan of Ted Greene and it's good to see that the
legend still lives on in the internet. I have a couple of questions for you
regarding his famous Telecaster with the two large humbucker pickups in the
neck and middle positions:

1. I'm aware that the Ted mentioned that the middle and neck humbuckers were made by Gibson, would anyone know what model of Gibson humbucker they were? Also, what would be the equivalent in Seymour Duncan's product lineup? Jazz Neck? '59? Seth Lover?

Also, what was the bridge pickup that he had on the guitar, which I have read he hardly ever used?

2. What do the switches do that are mounted on the pickguard and what is the
overall wiring of the guitar? I imagine that the control panel's pickup
selector switch is of the 5 position variety? Though I may be wrong.

Any information that you could provide on this guitar would be greatly

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I am also new to the forum, but have found a lot of great discussion in the forums (I am also very,very interested in the mods Ted performed on his guitar).

I believe (based some notes I've kept looking around the forum), that Ted used Dimarzio 'dual sound' pups from the 70's [1] .  This is likely due to that there were a limited number of after market pickup makers out there.  I'd personally look at a Bare Knuckles humbucker, Fralin unbucker or even a Lollar CC (single coil).  If you want a less boutique pickup, I would check out the Dimarzio 36th PAF or duncan 59.

Not sure about the bridge, but I seem to recall that a lower output flat pole single would suffice.

Ted's wiring appears to be much more complex, and I would love to have more discussion around this.  I did find some interesting schematics [2] and a letter Ted shared with a student [3].  Of course there is always Ted's discussion on youtube about telecasters and a G&L [4] [5] .

Good luck!  I'd be interested in what you put together.



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as far as "bananas" - the tele at the end of his life, and seemingly the guitar that the album was recorded on:
Dimarzio dual sound neck and middle; pups very low, but with gibson type screws, not the hex screws. the screws were very high

Original Fender '50 - 52 bridge pickup - perhaps with no baseplate.  He removed baseplates for quite a while, but I never saw the underside of that pup.

controls: coil splits and combos with perhaps a little of his tweaking.

That's what I remember from the last time I saw Bananas (whose real name was Banana Creme, I believe. After meeting Barb, all the guitars seemed to get names.)



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Thanks a lot. That's great info. A previous contributor mentioned the same thing, Ted used DiMarzio Dual Sounds but I couldn't figure out how that could be when the Dual Sounds have hex allen screws instead of the traditional philister screws in the pickup. Now it all makes sense. In terms of the functions of the slide switches on the guitar, I can imagine that perhaps splitting the neck and middle coils would be the functions of two of the switches and an in/out phase on the bridge pickup for the third? Would this sound to be right? Any contributions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Steve Brodie posted some notes around a Ted inspired wiring that he performed on his tele, along with a sketched out schematic that you may find interesting:

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