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Posts: 52
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So yesterday I got a 50's Road Worn telecaster and it is AWESOME!!!  Of course my first instinct is to route out room for a humbucker in the neck position and maybe even the middle position but I am wondering what Ted thought about all those extra pickups affecting the sustain because of the extra magnetic pull on the strings...  More pickups pull the string via magnetic field and that can affect the sustain.  Maybe this is why he lowered the pickups and raised the screw heights?  Barbara or others?  Can you direct me to some pictures of his guitars that might show the pickup heights?  Also, I remember Ted saying something about how the harp harmonics came out better with the middle pickups?



PS  I wonder what Ted would have thought of the Duncan Jazz neck pickup?  That is currently my favorite pickup for the neck, very articulate and clear....

Posts: 244
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Cooooool!  Pictures, please!

David Bishop
Tucson, AZ

Posts: 8
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Hi Chris, Ted talks about guitars in this clip and answers a lot of your quesitons, have a look... cool stuff:

Andy Evans
Melbourne Australia

Posts: 32
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There's also a Road Worn Model with a Humbucker, it's a fairly new model.
I'll probably get one of these when the "you can't have enough Teles"-mood hits the next time.


Posts: 16
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have you played the new american delux..?? tele i have ever played - all stock (off the wall at Git Cent) plugged into a fender tubbie,,reverb @2..pure bliss..bit pricy..1600+..but worth it ...its next on my "new toy" list..


Posts: 1,662
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How would you compare the American Deluxe to the '52 Reissues?
I've never owned a Tele, but I think it's about time I did.  Just looking for some tips before I go shopping....


Posts: 16
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first...thanks for all your info on this site..appreciate it much...

i have had several teles...before and after studying w/ted...while i play more in the style of larry carlton/benson/henderson/ and play a les paul mostly..when i need/want that tele feel or have a need for a chord melody machine the tele is there...

while i enjoy the romantic thing of "old is better" its not always the case..and this becomes a very personal thing i realize...for some a 51 ford was the best car they ever built..

but i go to shops on a fairly regular basis..and play the latest offerings just to see what the state of the art is i expect the new models to be better than the old..right out of the modifications needed..

for the past years - a good ten - i have not been impressed with any guitar makers offerings...but the american delux made me go i only got to play it for about 40 mins (the salesguy actually had the nerve to ask me now i liked it-as i was drawing a small crowd of shoppers  ) with just basic settings and a small touch of sang jazz blues country and some of my own stuff .. had finances been in my corner that day it would be mine today..and im not a one stop shopper..i take forever to make a major purchase of anything..i study it..get reviews etc...

the pickups are great..noiseless technology...the action was perfect...the string setup was very light..09 on top...i prefer 10's..but it didn't matter..i loved it..the body is contoured..and lighter..and the neck is pure can get full chords past the 12th with little effort...

best advice...try one...hope this is some help...


Posts: 52
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FWIW, the road rown series guitars are simply FANTASTIC!!!  I believe they also use nitrocellulose on the body so the wood breathes much better.  The newer Road Worn's also have a humbucker in the neck, something I will do after I route out the wood...

The Road Worn's are made in Mexico but they are REALLY high quality IMOP.  Plus you can always change out the tuners, bridge, pickups and electronics if so desired...


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