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I heard that ted greene's solo guitar album was recorded through a direct box. It is true?
I wonder exactly how the recording was done. 


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Thanks for the question.  We've discussed this in the past informally here on the forum, so I hope someone can point out those notes.  In short, we used a direct box, his amp, and his fender leslie speaker.  The amp and leslie were mic'd and the direct box was . . . well direct.  That gave us three sources to use.  But unlike most records, we did not record and then mix down.  We got a sound, Ted would play, and then come in and listen, and then we'd tweak. When we all were satisfied, we just rolled tape.  His amps could be pretty noisy for recording. (He did his own amp work in those days). They would hiss and pop.  At least that was what we got that week.
We got the sound, and then recorded direct onto a 30 ips mastering machine.  What he played went straight to tape. He did numerous performances which he did not like (the tape boxes were stacked up on the floor.)  We agreed on which were 'keepers' and the rest got wiped per our agreement with Ted.  there would be no 'outtake versions' ever possible.

I should add that the actual record sounded better, to me, then ted's attempt to re-equalize the recording in the 1990's.  That version was used on the CD.  After he'd spent the producer's money on that sound, he told various friends he did NOT like it, but went with it anyway.  However - it is not a bad sound, and most of you have only heard that sound.  But Ted into a TUBE mixing console direct to tape analog is the only sound I can accept.  Hence I took my name off the CD.  I didn't work on that.  I'd like to get a re-issue of the original mix to the CD company. But we'll see. The amp was either a twin or a vibrolux. It is posted somewhere.  William Perry and I were there every minute of the record, along with mixer Bob Summers. (Also a guitarist.) It was done over multiple days.


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Here are a couple of the forum threads that dealt with Ted's recording of the solo guitar album.  There are others, some discussing his tunings and transcriptions of the recording.

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It is a historical story. Thanks for reply.
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