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Subject Author Category Views Replies   Last Post
Superimposition of rhythm Wckoek General Topics 1,929 9
by TomConway
That chime sound Ted gets. ChemicalChords Chord Melody 3,630 7
by omobob
harmonics orange1973 Harmony & Theory 1,884 5
by MarkThornbury
Nomenclature Issue.
1 2
El_Nick Harmony & Theory 2,712 15
by LeonWhite
Superficial Ted guitar question digitalkettle Gear 2,803 4
by ClemTrout
Classical pieces that transfer to guitar nicely Greg Harmony & Theory 2,137 7
by barbarafranklin
6/9 chords Jordan Harmony & Theory 3,350 6
by DanSawyer
1st Ted Greene Memorial Picnic May 2007
1 2 3 4 5 6  ... Last Page
JamHandy Newsletters & Updates 12,363 139
by SteveBrodie
body and soul? around midnight? ola General Topics 2,089 13
by gh1
"Simply Ted" Bob From Ted's Students 3,033 14
by Bob
The Gibsons--Modifications ClemTrout Gear 2,237 8
by ClemTrout
Music From The Original Site
1 2
Masemm Chord Melody 5,261 18
by woodchipper
Pedals PaulV Harmony & Theory 2,136 1
by barbarafranklin
Ted in the Lenny Breau movie MarkSpangler General Topics 1,253 2
by MarkSpangler
Voicing Group Chords gh1 Chord Melody 2,729 5
by rafikenn
Did Ted Have Students That Weren't Guitarists? nitekatt2007 General Topics 1,454 5
by nitekatt2007
Chord Fingering Question omobob Chord Melody 1,829 2
by omobob
Thank you! TomConway Remembrances 1,831 0
by TomConway
Debussy and Ted? orange1973 General Topics 2,256 14
by barbarafranklin
some "Bachian" Gems from Ted barbarafranklin Harmony & Theory 2,435 3
by DanSawyer
Where are Ted's Filing Cabinets? JamHandy Chord Melody 2,065 2
by JamHandy
Ted's Walking Chord Backing Arrangements midivox Chord Melody 1,995 2
by midivox
singers unlimited andybrown General Topics 1,630 5
by midivox
Ted's tunings on Solo Guitar jerome Chord Melody 4,646 14
by markjens
Bach Chorale #262 Bob From Ted's Students 2,454 6
by FattQ

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