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Subject Author Views Replies    Last Post
Ted's Danny Boy - played by Omar Haddad PaulV 72 2
by Omar
Klaus Lendzian NickStasinos 2,418 1
by austinef
Harry Leahey, great player… DanSawyer 55 2
by DaveAnno
Lenny Breau Material PaulV 1,733 11
by DanSawyer
Danny Boy playthrough from latest transcription GarethRixton 161 5
by DanSawyer
My Ted inspired version of Time After Time (mini Lesson) TLerch 263 8
by thud
Some arrangements in Ted's style of notation.
1 2 3 4
DaveAnno 829 48
by DaveAnno
What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life? LeonBlackwater 164 5
by klasaine
Favorite solo guitarists; jazz
1 2 3 4
DanSawyer 16,403 59
by DaveAnno
Nayra Dharma - Watch What Happens (Ted Greene's arrangement) DaveAnno 94 0
by DaveAnno
Links to other ChordMelody/Solo Performances
1 2
LeonWhite 4,202 23
by PaulV
A book that Ted would've bought, or Barbara would have bought for Ted. barbaralovedcats 345 2
by DanSawyer
Andy Brown Solo at the Whiskey Lounge DaveAnno 507 1
by PaulV
New Kenny Poole CD
1 2
andybrown 3,751 17
by DaveAnno
Phil deGruy playing in Los Angeles! DanSawyer 661 0
by DanSawyer
Tuck Andress Interview PaulV 938 1
by DaveAnno
Jim Hall PaulV 1,272 2
by Anders
Barry Galbraith jazzuki 2,144 2
by NickStasinos
Introducing myself KirkLorange 1,059 9
by KirkLorange
Modulations jebdiesel 1,104 8
by Keith
Fingerstyle 360 magazine issue #5 TLerch 1,604 3
by Punkbop
RIP - Johnny Smith PaulV 3,884 9
by NickStasinos
Tim Miller Etude Sammo 2,146 2
by earsoup
"Tea For Two", 6th track of "Guitarra Orquestal" pbellora 1,087 0
by pbellora
"What A Wonderful World", 2nd track of "Guitarra Orquestal" pbellora 1,194 4
by pbellora
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