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Subject Author Views Replies    Last Post
Acoustic Guitars JeffStocksMusic 1,817 5
by barbarafranklin
The Search For Ted's Tele Sound
1 2
Dan52Tele 13,501 21
by ps
What did Ted think of "relic" Teles? MarkSpangler 3,618 10
by Lexforce
World's Most Advanced Digital Guitar You Rock Pre Orders midivox 1,073 0
by midivox
What did Ted think of Stratocasters? MarkSpangler 1,961 2
by MarkSpangler
G & L Guitars JeffStocksMusic 1,441 3
by klasaine
Intonation setting Wckoek 2,028 2
by thedeathmetalleopard
Leslie speakers TokyoHillbilly 5,328 12
by YoungBlood
Ted's Humbucker choice. Dan52Tele 4,811 12
by bjl257
Did Ted buy my guitar? frenster 2,223 12
by TLerch
Ted's Amp on his Seminar DVD TeleMan 4,125 11
by d0nba3r
wiring diagrams mark_h 1,606 2
by mark_h
amp on 012894 tape ? earsoup 1,291 0
by earsoup
scratched chords in the "NoCaster"? dsindel 3,239 5
by dsindel
Pick-Up Question barbarafranklin 2,251 7
by JeffStocksMusic
ted's 7 string gretsch george van eps guitar seven 3,536 1
by jonkurnick
flat wound strings andybrown 8,019 4
by WilliamPerry
Electric Guitar Modifications pneron 1,895 2
by JeffStocksMusic
New guitar from Moog DanSawyer 1,483 1
by DanSawyer
Rhodes sounding guitar Wckoek 2,230 8
by DanSawyer
Interesting Auction.... JeffStocksMusic 1,635 5
by LeonWhite
Ted on Seven String guitars Wckoek 4,151 11
by NickStasinos
Ted's guitar on 'Solo Guitar' album
1 2
Miketec 5,689 16
by JeffStocksMusic
Ted's Humbcukers in his teles TeleMan 2,036 0
by TeleMan
Chimes DougMiers 1,858 1
by Rivendell
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