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Where is Mr. Greene's Gear Now?
1 2
dan_s 6,658 29
by bishopdm
The inside of Ted's telecaster's and other questions... countandduke 3,850 11
by DanSawyer
New Guitar...!!! countandduke 2,918 7
by countandduke
Practice Amps
1 2
Deparko 5,977 18
by countandduke
tele a la ted MikeT 3,917 7
by GregB
Humbucker and polepiece height pbellora 2,898 2
by pbellora
Another of Ted's Guitars for sale bishopdm 2,727 7
by GregB
The Gamechanger erikgran 1,720 1
by JeffStocksMusic
Is this true? Ted's Gutiars for sale GregB 3,636 11
by kontiki
Ted's Guild Guitars?
1 2
jimbol51 8,338 15
by Zorshelter
strings used ted? madridton 4,357 11
by ronjazz
Preferred amps pbellora 4,256 5
by pbellora
Ted on Gibson guitars rmcfee 2,375 7
by rmcfee
American amps in the UK mark_h 1,607 5
by aussieninja
The Fender American Vintage Series '52 Telecaster GregB 4,156 3
by JeffStocksMusic
Acoustic Guitars JeffStocksMusic 1,785 5
by barbarafranklin
The Search For Ted's Tele Sound
1 2
Dan52Tele 10,438 21
by ps
What did Ted think of "relic" Teles? MarkSpangler 3,574 10
by Lexforce
World's Most Advanced Digital Guitar You Rock Pre Orders midivox 1,069 0
by midivox
What did Ted think of Stratocasters? MarkSpangler 1,931 2
by MarkSpangler
G & L Guitars JeffStocksMusic 1,420 3
by klasaine
Intonation setting Wckoek 2,010 2
by thedeathmetalleopard
Leslie speakers TokyoHillbilly 5,297 12
by YoungBlood
Ted's Humbucker choice. Dan52Tele 4,759 12
by bjl257
Did Ted buy my guitar? frenster 2,196 12
by TLerch
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