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Subject Author Views Replies    Last Post
Just a little loving... bmreeds 1,398 10
by Michel
What I've learned strider_41588 45 3
by Michel
Happy birthday Wes! klasaine 58 0
by klasaine
TRANSCRIPTION: Baroque Improv Part 1 by Ted Greene
1 2 3
wkriski 6,152 32
by PaulV
The Girl with the Flaxen Hair arsenalca 377 3
by dylkerslake_eire
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus klasaine 99 4
by tedandbarbaraare1
Merry Christmas! klasaine 768 7
by DaveAnno
"I've Grown Accustomed to His Face" edwardmp2 144 2
by Shadowrend
ted arrangements video... e_del 104 2
by e_del
Anyone ever Ted Grid Out Just Friends midivox 1,842 3
by PaulV
"High Hopes" PaulV 122 3
by TLerch
The Very Thought of You AllanW 155 1
by PaulV
Perfect Fourths tuning
1 2
ClaytonL 10,375 15
by P4guitar
Funeral March of a Marionette arsenalca 182 10
by bmreeds
Baroque Improv Videos -- where is the front door? rlrhett 168 5
by bmreeds
Chord curtain theme Jugodelucuma 81 1
by PaulV
Processional in B Minor - question for David Bishop (or anyone else with an answer!) RobertS 439 5
by bishopdm
How to do a a Ted Greene "Double Stop" austinef 224 8
by austinef
embraceable you tonjazzmaz 1,939 11
by luciomalcolm
And I Love Her klasaine 242 6
by kneedeep
How to apply/practice MCP rlrhett 339 11
by PaulV
Name of this blues? Ted Greene - CA Vintage Guitar - 12/14/03 - Part 1 approx. 4.03 into the video. mrfreedom 199 6
by PaulV
Manhã De Carnaval (CM arrangement) Shadowrend 230 2
by min7b5
Happy Holidays klasaine 142 5
by cryma
Question about transposing keys in Modern Chord Progressions Jarrelles 199 4
by LeonWhite
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