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Subject Author Views Replies    Last Post
Happy Birthday Ted TLerch 1,213 13
by PaulV
Ted's June 6, 1993 MI Seminar Transcribed (full hour!!!) PaulV 106 3
by NickStasinos
Modern chord progressions
1 2
erikgran 7,733 25
by TLerch
New Lesson Video TG people might like TLerch 1,996 8
by kontiki
My Ted Lesson Videos TLerch 300 6
by Michel
Interview with Adam Levy on "Make Moves" PaulV 223 6
by PaulV
Interview with Anthony Wilson on "Make Moves" PaulV 47 0
by PaulV
New Ted Audio Lesson from Steve Herberman LeonWhite 147 5
by PaulV
Ted Greene Bach Studies
1 2 3
Carl 7,328 30
by herb
Teds Neck Wiggle Vibrato TLerch 659 6
by James
Did we have "Watch What Happens?" markjens 1,329 4
by PaulV
Saving video SGasan116 135 2
by SGasan116
New Solo Guitar Compilation from Tim Lerch TLerch 372 4
by TLerch
Intro and endings for songs, blues turnarounds? Wckoek 2,625 11
by PaulV
Bach Chorale #17
1 2
Bob 4,776 21
by barbaralovedcats
Intro to Ol' Man River
1 2 3
MarkThornbury 5,877 32
by PaulV
Chord Alchemy, A student's tribute to Ted Greene zenguitarguy 1,817 7
by zenguitarguy
New Master Class Video from Tim Lerch TLerch 1,235 2
by TLerch
some of Ted's work in tablature / standard notation earsoup 3,309 9
by nakim55
Video for Ted's Blues in G sheet TLerch 2,479 12
by armia741
Video Lesson of Teds Lazy Blues from Tim Lerch TLerch 1,142 2
by bmreeds
Gospel Blues Comp "Drown In My Own Tears" jtlessons 981 0
by jtlessons
Just a Little Lovin' Transcription from Dec. 19th 2004 LeonBlackwater 973 4
by DaveAnno
Boulevard Music Seminar Blues in Bb transcription LeonBlackwater 1,333 10
by LeonBlackwater
Silent Night klasaine 1,590 6
by PaulV
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